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Your Custom Embroidered Logo

We are in the business of making your business look good. Your logo is the most recognizable part of your business. Here at Allistons we want to make sure you are proud of the way your logo looks. We take pride in making you proud.


How is my logo sent?

Getting your logo to us is easy, all you have to do is email us an image of your logo to We can read most formats, but jpg, tiff and eps files work the best. If you do not have it in one of these formats, just send us what you have and we will do our best.

Also, in this process we will discuss any color changes or additional text you may want added to the logo.

Before we begin digitizing you will proof our final artwork to make sure you love it!

Should we encounter any problems during the process we will contact you.


What is my minimum order?

There is no minimum, or maximum! Order at your hearts desire.

What is Digitizing?

Digitizing is the process by which we tell our computerized embroidery machines where to sew each stitch in order to recreate a logo on a garment. When a logo is digitized, our experts use a computer program to accurately convert your logo into a system of stitches that the embroidery machine can read.

Recreating an image with needles and threads is different than printing it with ink on paper. We work very hard to make sure your logo looks just as it does on paper. However, because thread and material are less precise than ink on paper, some variations may be required. However, you will approve the image before it goes into production.

How is digitizing pricing determined?

Cost to digitize is $50 if your total order is less than $250, or free if you total order is more than $250. This is a one-time fee. Once it is done, we can general use it for future orders with no additional cost. On occasion, we may need to rework the logo for a different application than what it was originally digitized for (i.e. a jacket back). We will never do this without your approval first.

If you have more than more location you want embroidered on any item ( i.e. embroidery on both crest and sleeve) we will be happy to accommodate. However, we will discuss an extra fee for more than one location.

For individual names to be added to any item there is a low flat fee of $7.00 per name.


How many stitches can I have?

For most logos the stitch count will not be a problem. The embroidery charge will cover all logos up to 20,000 stitches. However, there are some cases where a logo exceeds 20,000 stitches. In the rare case that this happens we will contact you and discuss how we can lower the stitch count. Or, if you decide you do not mind paying a little extra to get a larger logo, no problem we will be more than happy to embroider it.


What locations are included?

A vast majority of logos are embroidered on the left chest of a garment. However, other locations are gaining in popularity such as the left sleeve, cuff, lower sleeve or the yoke (on the back under the collar).

We will discuss and confirm logo placement with you during the logo evaluation process.